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Singapore Idol Kelong?? Part 2

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Ok, what I overheard in the coffeeshop was mere speculation.. It’s not an all girls affair for the finals after all. So fans of Sezairi Sezali, you guys can take a breather for now 🙂   The talented 17-years old Tabaitha Nauser was the latest contestant to be eliminated from the competition. She may not have made it to the finals but without a doubt, I believed that she is already a star in many people eyes. So here are the final 2 standing:









The finals is set on 27 Dec 2009 @ the Indoor Stadium @ 8pm. Well I’m really hoping SIngapore will vote for the one that will best represent Singapore on the global platform. I’m definitely expecting an explosive finale to the competition. I wish the both of them the best of luck and I got to say out of the 4000 that first auditioned, that it’s already an accomplishment itself to have reached the finals so whatever the result is, kudos to both of them.


Singapore Idol Kelong??

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Honestly I don’t really follow-up on the latest happenings on our very own Singapore Idol because seriously I feel that the standards are dropping with each passing seasons. I did managed to catch a couple of episodes this season and I must say that till date, the contestant that I felt was worthy of the title as Singapore idol is still in the running (I’m not saying who I’m rooting for.. Hee).

Now we are left with our Top 3:

1) Tabitha Nauser aka The Complete Package

2) Sezairi Sezali aka The Original Artiste

3) Sylvia Ratonel aka The Beautiful Talent

Well, recently I overheard from some coffeeshop talk that the show is kelong and that this season winner is already chosen!!! Can you believe it!!?? I’m not to sure about the reliability of the source but lets hope it not true ya.. I’m bloggin this in advance so there’s no way of me knowing the result right.. so here goes with the results:

Next to be kicked out… The Original Artiste…

The two females will be the last ones standing..

And the winner…. The beautiful talent….

History of Singapore Grand Prix

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2009 Singapore Grand Prix - Sunday

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2009 came to an end on Sunday (27/09/2009) after 61 laps of the Marina Bay Street Circuit with Lewis Hamilton emerging the winner for McLaren-Mercedes. It was his 12th victory of his career.

The race had became part of the F1 calendar since 2008 and was the very first Formula One’s night race. However did any of you actually knew that prior to this race becoming part of the Formula One calendar,  the Singapore Grand Prix was already in Singapore in the early 1960s to the early 1970s?

Singapore Grand Prix in the earlier days We had our first grand prix in 1961 and it proved to be an extremely popular event. By the late 60s it was estimated that over a hundred thousand spectators attended the grand prix.

The grand prix was held in the Thomson Road circuit. This 3 mile circuit covered the stretch of Old Upper Thomson Road from Sembawang Hills Circus to the other end where it met Upper Thomson Road and continued along this road until it reached Sembawang Hills Circus again. This bend was called “The Hairpin” or “Circus Hairpin”. It was here that one driver was killed when his car overturned. Altogether 7 fatalities were recorded, which also involved road marshals. The race was discontinued from 1974 onwards, in part due to the problems of managing the increased traffic and fatalities involved. The Thomson Road circuit was reputed to be one of the most dangerous tracks in the world.

A friend’s father told me that back then, the Grand stand seats cost $5 a day and for this you had the privilege of sitting on wooden benches elevated above the ground and under cover which sheltered the spectators from the sun and rain.

There were two favourite spots among spectators along the Old Upper Thomson Road stretch which were the Snakes’ Bend and the sharp V-shape Devil’s Bend. Many accidents happened at these notorious bends which account for their popularity with the spectators! To see the skills of the drivers expertly maneuvering these bends were simply a joy to watch.


There were several categories of races for motorcycles, saloon cars, vintage cars, sports cars and the main Gran Prix event for motorcycles and racing cars. The highlight of the 4 day event, was the Formula 2 Grand Prix race which sees overseas participants hailing from all over the globe.

My friend’s father recounted the fond memories of being at such races and seeing the tired but happy faces of each spectators that were filled with excitement at the end of each day events. Thousands of spectators will stream out of the front entrance at the Upper Thomson Road end of Sembawang Hills Circus. For the locals of Sembawang Hills Estate it was only short walk home. Lucky them..

Miss Singapore World 2009 Interview

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I read it in the newspapers about her bad speech but I didn’t realized how bad it was until I saw this clip. OOOOOh my goooodness…  Miss Ris Low, 19 who was crowned Miss Singapore World 2009 in August will be presenting Singapore in the Miss World beauty pageant which will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa later this year. Seriously, I was wondering how she even made it through the Q&A segment during the Miss Singapore World competition with her poor articulation and diction (Maybe they didn’t had the segment). I can’t imagine what will she say when she gets interview by the Host for the Miss Word Pageant: “Hi, I’m from Singaaporrre! It’s a loverrrly small Islan (island) and wow verrry grin (green) also! You know. Ya.. and It Booms!” LOL… Imagine this being heard by the WHOLE WORLD. Well I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the Q&A segment..