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Halloween @ The Night Safari

Posted in celebrations, Singapore with tags , , , , , , on October 31, 2009 by Aloysious Wong

Spend my very first Halloween in Singapore @ The Night Safari on friday together with a group of close friends and I must say, it would had been much more fun without the rain… While I was roaming around, I encountered some of the lost souls wandering around the foodcourts, souvenir shops and ticketing counters.  Some of them even looked like characters from bedtime stories gone wrong e.g. Tinman from Wizard of Oz with his exposed heart. We then proceeded to have our cocktail and cuisine onboard the train of terror.


Train of Terror cuisine

During the ride which lasted for about 30 mins, we got to see nocturnal animals going about their daily business, albeit with a twist in the guide’s commentary.  She told us gruesome details on the various way how these animals could injure or kill when provoked e.g. trample, pierce, crush. Very interesting… The train of terror then took a detour from the normal route to the Gate of the Neverland where we got to see the so-called victims from previous train rides being viciously killed with their bodies decapitated and bodies could be seen hanging on the trees and even the murder of a mermaid by the fishmonger. After the ride, we went to the Bridge of No Return at the Forest Giants Trail – a short suspension bridge where more “eerie” characters would be seen. At the end of the day i must say, it was quite a disappointment as most of the “eerie” characters were no where to be found. I guess they were afraid of the rain.. haha.. Anyway I hope my next halloween experience will be much more fun and exciting 🙂

victim of previous rides

victims from previous rides