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Singapore Idol Kelong?? Part 2

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Ok, what I overheard in the coffeeshop was mere speculation.. It’s not an all girls affair for the finals after all. So fans of Sezairi Sezali, you guys can take a breather for now ūüôā ¬† The talented 17-years old Tabaitha Nauser was the latest contestant to be eliminated from the competition. She may not have made it to the finals but without a doubt, I believed that she is already a star in many people eyes. So here are the final 2 standing:









The finals is set on 27¬†Dec 2009 @ the Indoor Stadium @ 8pm. Well I’m really hoping SIngapore will vote for the one that will best represent Singapore on the global platform. I’m definitely expecting an explosive finale to the competition. I wish the both of them the best of luck and I got to say out of the 4000 that first auditioned, that it’s already an accomplishment itself to have reached the finals so whatever the result is, kudos to both of them.


Singapore Idol Kelong??

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Honestly I don’t really follow-up on the latest happenings on our very own Singapore Idol because seriously I feel that the standards are dropping with each passing seasons. I did managed to catch a couple of episodes this season and I must say that till date, the contestant that I felt was worthy of the title as Singapore idol is still in the running (I’m not saying who I’m rooting for.. Hee).

Now we are left with our Top 3:

1) Tabitha Nauser aka The Complete Package

2) Sezairi Sezali aka The Original Artiste

3) Sylvia Ratonel aka The Beautiful Talent

Well, recently I overheard from some coffeeshop talk that the show is kelong and that this season winner is already chosen!!! Can you believe it!!?? I’m not to sure about the reliability of the source but lets hope it not true ya.. I’m bloggin this in advance so there’s no way of me knowing the result right.. so here goes with the results:

Next to be kicked out… The Original Artiste…

The two females will be the last ones standing..

And the winner…. The beautiful talent….

American Music Awards 2009

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At the recent 37th American Music Awards, there were certainly many moments that I felt is worth mentioning. Awesome start – Janet Jackson opened the show by dancing her way through an eight-minute medley of hits such as “Miss You Much,” “Together Again,” “If” and her new single, “Make Me.” Janet also showed off some of the creative moves that her family is known for. Overdoing it – Lady Gaga continued her quest to be the year’s most shocking performer, appearing in a body stocking and mask before smashing a window and climbing into a box with a piano¬†that soon was on fire. She ended her performance by smashing liquor bottles on the keyboard. Shocker –¬†This year’s “Idol” runner-up, Adam Lambert, sought to one-up Lady Gaga with his performance of “For Your Entertainment.” Moving among a freak show of dancers in sexy outfits, Lambert dragged one woman across the stage by her leg, walked a male dancer on a leash, participated in a simulated sex act and kissed the guy playing keyboards. America must be so relieved that he wasn’t voted as this year’s American Idol.

Taking a tumble – Jennifer Lopez ¬†landed wrongly after jumping off the back of one of her dancers and falling on her butt. Do you think it was it an intentional dance move, or did she just slip? So what did JLO herself have to say about her little stumble? The singer who talked to Ryan Seacrest¬†on his morning radio show said, “Yeah, I meant to do that…That was part of the choreography. Later she tries to get deep by saying: “the measure of things is, it’s not what happens when you fall, it’s how you handle it when you fall.”¬†Check out the clip and judge for yourself? ¬†Btw Adam Lambert also took a slip too during his performance later in the show.

The late Michael Jackson was nominated for five awards, just one shy of nominee leader¬†Taylor Swift. He was named favorite male artist in the pop/rock and soul/R&B categories. His 2003 greatest-hits album, “Number Ones,” also won favorite album in both categories. The only other award he was vying for was the evening’s top prize, artist of the year, along with Lady Gaga, the¬†Kings of Leon¬†and Eminem and Taylor Swift. Swift overshadowed the late¬†Michael Jackson by winning five prizes including the evening’s top prize, artist of the year. She accepted her AMA Awards live via satellite from her concert stage in an empty Wembley Arena in London, where she was rehearsing for a sold-out show on Monday. This is one way for organizers to keep Kanye West ¬†from snatching her mic and interrupting her during her acceptance speech. LOL..¬†Taylor and her band stayed up most of the night to watch the show live from the US, and she accepted her last award at almost 4 a.m. London time. “Music has never been ultimately about competition,” Swift said, after winning the artist of the year prize. She said it was an “unimaginable honor” to be cited in the same category as Jackson, and thanked the Jackson family and¬†Janet for reaching out to her the way that she had.¬†Jackson was named favorite male artist in the pop/rock and soul/R&B categories, while his 2003 hits collection “Number Ones” was named favorite album in both those categories.¬†The album is the No. 2 seller this year in the United States. Michael’s trophies were accepted by his brother Jermaine, who paid tribute to his late brother by wearing a glittery white glove

The list of the winners are shown below:

Artist of the Year

Taylor Swift


Male artist: Michael Jackson

Female artist: Taylor Swift

Band, duo or group: Black Eyed Peas

Album:¬†Michael Jackson, “Number Ones”


Male artist: Michael Jackson

Female artist: Beyonce

Band, duo or group: Black Eyed Peas

Album:¬†Michael Jackson, “Number Ones”


Artist: Jay-Z

Album:¬†Jay-Z, “Blueprint 3”


Male artist: Keith Urban

Female artist: Taylor Swift

Band, duo or group: Rascal Flatts

Album:¬†Taylor Swift, “Fearless”

Other Genres

Adult Contemporary: Taylor Swift

Alternative Rock: Green Day

Latin: Aventura

Contemporary Inspirational: Mary Mary

Soundtrack Album:¬†“Twilight Soundtrack”

T-Mobile Breakthrough Artist Award: Gloriana

International Award of Excellence: Whitney Houston

Offensive Music Video??

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Wasting my day away, I went into Youtube and chance upon this music video which I would really like to share with everyone. For those of who find it offensive, it’s not what you interpret it to be.. Hee… This new song is titled ‚ÄúSuper White‚ÄĚ (Ť∂ÖÁļßÁôĹ) (the actual meaning of the 3 words which some of you might be finding offensive)¬†by Hyhy & Eli (HEśúČśŅÄšļļ) from Taiwan. Their unique style made their mark by creating catchy songs with interesting and sometimes tongue-in-cheek lyric. So hope you enjoy the music video and get a good laugh out of it.

Michael Jackson new song debut (This is it)

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On Mon (12/10/09) at 1200hrs in Singapore, radio station 987fm, aired Michael Jackson’s brand new song “This Is It” for the very first time during its V-Spot programme. It marks yet another exciting moment in music history for one of the world‚Äôs most revered artists; featuring backing vocals by MJ‚Äôs brothers The Jacksons. “This Is It” was to have been the title of Jackson’s 50-concert comeback in London, which would have kicked off in the summer had he not died on 25 June at his Hollywood home.


It is said that Michael Jackson has recorded more than 100 songs in secret, but is refusing to release the tracks until after his death, according to biographer Ian Halperin.

The singer has amassed a stack of tunes but only wants them to be heard by his children, 11-year-old Prince, 10-year-old Paris Katherine, and five-year-old Prince Michael II, after he dies, said Halperin, author of forthcoming book “Unmasked, The Michael Jackson Story”.

Fans can definitely expect more from the King Of PoP even after his death with rumors that Mj had been working in collaborations with artists such as and Akon for his unreleased materials. The tracks, many of which were at an “advanced stage” of production, have now been played to record company executives. The source said: “A lot of the material is good enough to release as it is. Those who’ve heard it say it is the best stuff Michael has ever done.

Sony is said to be keen to release at least one track within weeks. The source said: “There is a plan to get his brothers and sisters, including Janet, La Toya and Jermaine, involved to finish off the other fragments. Other singers – including Justin Timberlake and Will.I.Am from Black Eyed Peas, who has worked closely with Michael – might also be invited to complete the songs as a tribute.

In his latest song, I felt that Michael sounded calm throughout the song, which is unusual, although not unprecedented. What do you think of what could be the last new song (if all rumors about there being unreleased material ain’t true) ever to be heard from one of the most influential entertainers in human history.¬†Check out the video below to hear the track for yourself:

Taylor Swift moment on MTV Video Music Awards 2009

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kanye west & taylor swift

Any of you guys caught the latest VMAs award?? The most talked about moments of the night must be the Taylor Swift acceptance speech incident. Kanye West just had to ruin it for her.. what an asshole… It happened after Taylor Swift‚Äôs victory in the Best Female Video category for ‚ÄúYou Belong With Me,‚ÄĚ which beat out Beyonc√©‚Äôs ‚ÄúSingle Ladies (Put a Ring On It).‚ÄĚ Just moments after Swift accepted the Moon man (MTV award) and began her acceptance speech, West went onstage the stage, grabbing the microphone from a shocked Swift to announce Beyonc√© deserved the award. He¬†declared, “Taylor, I’m really happy for you, I’m gonna let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.”

You guys should have seen the look on Taylor Swift face… she was so shock and too lost for words. Everyone looked stunned including Beyonc√© who looked astonished and horrified in her seat. It¬†was Swift’s very first VMA and she didn’t get to enjoy it.. To add insult to injury, after West handed the mic back to Swift, her time was up.¬†I’m going to quote what Pink said: “Kanye West is the¬†biggest piece of shit on earth.”

Subsequently after being Booed heavily, he left the venue, Radio City Music Hall.

According to sources at the VMAs, Swift was seen hysterically crying backstage after Kanye‚Äôs outburst, making it convenient that the first part of her performance of ‚ÄúYou Belong to Me,‚ÄĚ which immediately followed the acceptance speech, was prerecorded.


After winning a VMA for Best Female Video earlier in the show and having her acceptance speech interrupted by the egotistic Kanye West, Taylor Swift was invited by Beyoncé to come back out onstage to have her moment. Beyoncé took home the biggest award of the night, Video of the Year.

Both exchanged a hug before Beyoncé passed the mic to the country teen artist.


I really felt that it was a wonderful and gracious move by Beyoncé to give up the stage to Swift, so kudos to her.

West had since apologized on numerous occasions including his official blog and several public apologies, however I just felt that it still won’t make up for his outburst at the VMAs. In an interview backstage, Taylor said that she was excited that she had won the award, and was very excited that Kanye West was on the stage and then she wasn’t so excited anymore after that. And she was even a fan of his. I would really feel lousy like the whole world seems to be crushing down on me and really really disappointed and hurt if my idol was to did that to me..

You’re such a jack-ass West!!!

His initial post on his blog which was subsequently removed:

I spoke to her mother right after and she said the same thing my mother would’ve said. She is very talented! I like the lyrics about being a cheerleader and she’s in the bleachers! I’m in the wrong for going on stage and taking away from her moment! Beyonce video was the best of this decade!!! I’m sorry to my fans if I have let you guys down!!! I’m sorry to my friends at MTV!!! I will apologize to Taylor 2mrw. Welcome to the real world!!!! Everybody wanna booooo me but I’m a fan of real pop culture!!! No disrespect but we watchin’ the show at the crib right now cause … well you know!!!! I’m still happy for Taylor!!!! Boooyaaawwww!!!! You are very very talented!!! I gave my awards to Outkast when they deserved it over me … That’s what it is!!!!!!! I’m not crazy y’all, i’m just real. Sorry for that!!! I really feel bad for Taylor and I’m sincerely sorry!!! Much respect!!!!!”

Can you believe it??!! You even call that an apology?? It wasn’t even sincere if you ask me…

Click on the link below to view the video clip of the incident