Boozy Woman @ Boston Subway

The video clip shows a highly intoxicated woman who stumbled onto the railway tracks while trying to stub out a cigarette as the subway train approaches. Miraculously she survived an incredible near-miss with the oncoming train in Boston, Massachusetts. Despite landing on her feet, the woman stumbles forward before slumping onto her back. The clip showed that the fallen woman was barely moving while the train powers towards hers but I must applauded the driver for his quick reactions and being able to bring the train to a halt mid way up the lady’s body. When I first saw the clip, I thought the woman was gone for sure… The lady then managed to pick herself up again before stumbling over again, Subsequently the woman was drag her onto the platform by bystanders. It has been reported that Transit police officers who spoke with the lucky survivor said she had been drinking several hours earlier and was noticeably intoxicated and was treated only for scrapes on her knees at Massachusetts General Hospital. Lucky for her, God do not want her yet… Lol…


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