Kid takes a dump at ION food court


The incident took place last Saturday at about 7pm. It was a weekend and dinner time for most people so can you imagine how crowded the place was at that time. Unbelievable and Unimaginable right!!?? LOL….. I thought so too.. One of the girls needed to take a dump, so her mother took out a potty for her to dump in…right in the middle of the food court!! Who even ever brings a potty around!!?? Can you imagine the incident happened at high class place like ION food court?? The best part is that they even had a maid so I just can’t understand why can’t they simply asked their maid to take the girl to the public toilet.. What’s worst is that the place is air conditioned, so can you imagine the sulfur or nitrogen-rich compounds from the poo getting airborne.. man!!! I tell you the odour must had affected diners appetite very strongly. I got to say it was an real act of inconsideration.


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