Michael Jackson new song debut (This is it)

On Mon (12/10/09) at 1200hrs in Singapore, radio station 987fm, aired Michael Jackson’s brand new song “This Is It” for the very first time during its V-Spot programme. It marks yet another exciting moment in music history for one of the world’s most revered artists; featuring backing vocals by MJ’s brothers The Jacksons. “This Is It” was to have been the title of Jackson’s 50-concert comeback in London, which would have kicked off in the summer had he not died on 25 June at his Hollywood home.


It is said that Michael Jackson has recorded more than 100 songs in secret, but is refusing to release the tracks until after his death, according to biographer Ian Halperin.

The singer has amassed a stack of tunes but only wants them to be heard by his children, 11-year-old Prince, 10-year-old Paris Katherine, and five-year-old Prince Michael II, after he dies, said Halperin, author of forthcoming book “Unmasked, The Michael Jackson Story”.

Fans can definitely expect more from the King Of PoP even after his death with rumors that Mj had been working in collaborations with artists such as will.i.am and Akon for his unreleased materials. The tracks, many of which were at an “advanced stage” of production, have now been played to record company executives. The source said: “A lot of the material is good enough to release as it is. Those who’ve heard it say it is the best stuff Michael has ever done.

Sony is said to be keen to release at least one track within weeks. The source said: “There is a plan to get his brothers and sisters, including Janet, La Toya and Jermaine, involved to finish off the other fragments. Other singers – including Justin Timberlake and Will.I.Am from Black Eyed Peas, who has worked closely with Michael – might also be invited to complete the songs as a tribute.

In his latest song, I felt that Michael sounded calm throughout the song, which is unusual, although not unprecedented. What do you think of what could be the last new song (if all rumors about there being unreleased material ain’t true) ever to be heard from one of the most influential entertainers in human history. Check out the video below to hear the track for yourself:


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